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While this may not be exactly computer art, it is digital art and we thought you would be intrigued by this art we found on a Russian site. Meddeling in the Affairs of Infintiy

This week in the Have You Been Here section we are featuring the cyber home of an artist who is working with Bliss. Here we want to send to to the home site for the Bliss software. Bliss is a fastinating tool for the multimedia artist in that it is devised to create visual digital images that respond to sound.

When we first discovered Dr. David Joyce's
Kalidescope page it was run through a Pascal applet we could barely comprehend. We loved "playing" with the Kaliescopes and thought you would enjoy this wonderful blend of mathematics, computer science and visual art.

Sometimes we find a web page that is so visually outstanding we have to share it with everyone.

We searching for another artist's web site when we came across this striking web site done by Gallagher Design promoting a doccumentary about the effects of the change over of Hong Kong to China's territory. We find the treatment of the site to be very powerful in invoking the spirit of the film. Be sure to load the pages with photo images multiple times as the images are called by a random generator.

Margaret L. McLaughlin of the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California has created an illuminating discussion about Art Sites on the World Wide Web.

She covers in a consise way the nature of digital imaging, its early development and provides thoughtful evaluation of the nature and effectiveness of art presentations on the Web.

Ron Pellegrino has been working with electronic music and visuals since 1967, including work with synthesizers, oscillographics, interactive sound and light environments, film, video, laser projections and computer animation. Pellegrino's web site is filled with interesting articles on installations and performances he has done.

Kalaidospace exsists to provide a central cyber community gathering place for Independant Internet Artists.

  • The Spotlight area provides a showcase for "artists in residence". Center Stage offers comedy and music clips.
  • The Screening Room contains libraries and archives of film and video clips by Kaleidospace artists.
  • The Art Studio allows you to browse through displays of works by member artists by Format, Medium or Subject.
  • The Music Kiosk serves as a gallery for artist of music and the spoken word.
  • The Reading Room is a searchable literature library with a wide varitey of genre
  • The Newsstand is a browable list of articles,interviews, editorials and reviews.
  • The Interactive area provides browsing through online collaborative projects, enhanced CDs & CD-ROMs, spiritual counseling and interactive press kits.
  • The Cyber Fair is just that: a Cyber Crafts Faire
  • The Tool Room privides a vaiety of tools: educational videos, CDs, sound archive, storage equipment, etc.

ARTdacious was intrigued to find a site in Spain that had a simular "variety program" on a web channel feeling that URLy Sylke Productions has created. We found their Technoland Arte segment to an interesting exploration of art presentation on the web.

George Coats is one of the most stimulating producers in theatrical production/performance currently practicing. Each piece stretches the abstract envelope of what theatrical performances might be. The George Coats Performace Works Site provides a glimps of an exciting transitory art form.

Anyone who may remember Nana will feel an echo when they see the work being done by the Pink Inc. performance company. Their Art in Motion performance style leaves you feeling tickeled with joy.

YELM's Art on the Edge features artists, scientists, authors, and art enthusiasts who explore the intersection of the Arts & Sciences
Don't be put off by the notice that they have lost content in a disaster; there is still wonderful and intriquing content.

The Julia and Mandelbrot Set Explorer site has been created by David E. Joyce of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Clark University in Worcester, MA 01610. He has given us one of the most fastinating gifts and toys to boggle our eyes and minds with the beauty of mathematics.

Arthur Woods personal experience with space combined with his education led him to maintain an active interest in the latest scientific and technological developments associated with space development and to integrate these experiences into his art.

Mr. Woods is taking an influential role in world space policy.
On May 22, 1993, the Cosmic Dancer Sculpture was the first of his artworks to be launched into outer space.

Metropolis is now recognized as an important voice in the American cultural dialogue. In 1995 the Utne Reader gave Metropolis the 7th Annual Alternative Press Award in the Cultural Issues category.

Robert Dada Anti-Art Productions WWW Site
Art, Music, Prose by the site artist and others
(contains some matter some would consider pornographic and offensive)
Cyber village for metal artisans. Extensive and enchanting.

Vendor and Artist News From New York City